Home at the Office: Working Remotely as a Way of Life (available spring 2021)

ISBN: Coming soon

The book is organized into 3 sections to make the information presented easy and enjoyable to read. The three sections are:

- Part 1: Making Working from Home Work for You: It begins with showing that working from home is a way of life. It should blend with all areas of your life and should be an activity that you look forward to. Remote work offers freedom, flexibility, and independence in every age and stage of life.

- Part 2: Extraordinary People Who Work from Home: You will be introduced to people across North America who successfully work from home. You will read their stories and gain insight from their words of wisdom.

- Part 3: Hands-on Workbook - Is Remote Work Right for You?: This section gives a hands-on area to explore your thoughts and ideas. Questions are posed for you to consider and think about with space provided to record your answers.

The book also includes a Book Club Discussion Guide to help facilitate discussions for book clubs and groups.

Home at the Office: Working Remotely as a Way of Life - Hard copy