Work from Home/Remote Work Wednesday - with Trish Tutton

As a result of Covid-19, many people and business owners had to quickly transition to working from home and remote working. Today, I am happy to have Trish Tutton (, Facebook:, Instagram:, a Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher, share about her transition in March 2020 to working from home:

Trish Tutton, Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher, and her home office space.

Q: How did you make the transition to leading yoga and meditation classes online? Was it a sudden change? Did you have some systems already in place to transition online?

When I started to see the increase in social distancing measures, I began realizing that I didn't feel comfortable teaching in person any longer [because of the possibility of the virus affecting my students or myself]. It was a quick decision, as things were changing rapidly. Within a few days I saw other teachers moving to online classes and I really realized that folks are in need of these practices more than ever with the increasing stress and anxiety that was happening. I stopped teaching physical classes on Sunday, March 15, 2020, and began offering virtual ones by Wednesday, March 18. I had never taught a yoga class or a corporate mindfulness session virtually, only ever in person! I knew of zoom and decided to hop on quickly and figure it out. I realized my services as a yoga teacher and corporate wellness consultant would be in need more than ever. 

Q: Going forward, will you continue to lead classes online?

Absolutely - along with teaching yoga I also am a speaker and make most of my living speaking at conferences and meetings about how to manage stress and work happier with mindfulness. All of my spring conferences have been cancelled, but luckily I've been doing some more virtual work in that capacity with businesses who want to support their employees' mental health. I've been teaching yoga and running these webinar sessions online and I will continue to do so until the restrictions open up and allow us to gather in person again. It's a pleasure to continue to do what I do even in a virtual capacity.  Q: What opportunities and challenges do you think will be faced in the future by businesses and entrepreneurs in remote work?

Being in the corporate wellness world I find it interesting that I've seen a lot of talk about how to boost employee productivity at home, how to help employees set up a home office, etc. I think the biggest challenge for companies right now is helping their employees manage their fears and feelings around the pandemic! These fears are actually the biggest threat to a person's productivity, in the end. I think the opportunity companies have right now is to find ways to bring their team together while supporting their health and well-being, so that they can have a positive influence on productivity, morale, and well-being. I've had the great pleasure to work with several companies on wellness initiatives in light of the pandemic and we're seeing huge boosts in morale and positivity in light of this challenging pandemic. The truth is that this isn't the first stressful event we've encountered and it won't be the last. Helping your team navigate this challenging time will only set you up for more success in the future.