What Foods Keep You Going?

Updated: Mar 8

What are your favorite snacks, food, and drinks to have on hand while working remotely? Staying properly hydrated and snacking on and eating good-for-you foods goes a long way in helping you stay focused on your work and having energy! Some of my favorite snacks, foods, and drinks to enjoy throughout the day are:

- a glass of warm lemon water, soon after waking up, as a way to get my day started - cereal or homemade granola in the morning or sometimes as an afternoon snack - a kiwi or pear as a snack - a big, colorful salad as a midday or evening meal - herbal tea throughout the day and into the evening, too Whether you are looking for some new snack, food, or drink ideas or simply looking for encouragement to stay the course on eating healthy while working from home, keep on listening to your body and adjusting to what you need! Photo Credit: Barboria Bjarne of Sunny Bay Arts