Join me for our next 1/2 Hour Virtual Writing Retreat on Saturday, June 20 from 9-9:30 a.m. MST!

Dustin Archibald ( will be the guest for the Q&A. The theme of the Retreat is Fathers & Writing.






All writers (fiction, non-fiction, poetry) at any stage of their career (beginners, etc.) and anyone interested in writing is invited and welcome to attend!

Register at for the link to join the Retreat. To help during this time, it is pay-what-you-can, and a suggested amount is $10, paid via e-transfer or Paypal.

Barbori Garnet is a Creative Arts Professional - writer, artist, musician, and gardener - based in Calgary, AB. She enjoys writing non-fiction and writes on remote work, home offices, gardening, and more.

Above photos: Barbori's home office spaces over the years.

I love everything related to working from home, including the variety to be found in home office spaces! I have worked from since 2010 and have enjoyed the flexibility and creativity it offers.

I am currently writing a book on working from home. During the process, I have learned from others who work remotely and continually am inspired by their advice, stories, and suggestions.

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