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                                                The proof copy of my book, 
                                                Home at the Office: Working
                                                Remotely as a Way of Life, arrived
                                                earlier this week! Published by
                                                Atmosphere Press
, the release
                                                date is coming soon!  


Barbori Garnet is a Creative Arts professional - writer and soon-to-be author of Home at the Office: Working Remotely as a Way of Life (September 2021), artist, musician, and gardener - based in Alberta. She enjoys writing non-fiction and writes on remote work, home offices, gardening, and more.

P1260569 - Barbori Garnet's desk.jpg

Above photos: Barbori's home office spaces over the years.

I love all things related to working from home, including the variety to be found in home office spaces! I have worked from home since 2010 and have enjoyed the flexibility and creativity it offers.

I am currently writing a book on working from home. During the process, I have learned from others who work remotely and continually am inspired by their advice, stories, and suggestions.